(Step 1) Preparing
(Step 4) Selling Yourself
How much should you ask for?
What to do in your first face to face meeting
Do you have to win to get sponsored?
How to dress for success
How to create a method of keeping track of prospects
How to prepare and give your presentation
How to improve your team in all areas
How to answer questions during the presentation
How to rehearse your presentation
(Step 2) Prospecting
How to create an exciting proposal
Where to look for sponsors - it's easier than you think
What to offer your sponsor prospect
How to find the businesses most likely to sponsor.
How To sell them on the idea
How to choose the right type of sponsorship
What do companies look for when deciding
Where to find more info on a prospect's business
How to close the deal / How to get paid
How to spot a good prospect by keeping your eye on the business world
(Step 5) Delivering and Renewing
How to advertise your sponsor
(Step 3) Contacting
How to get PR for your sponsor
How to prepare for your first contact
How to help the sponsor market their products
How to make a good first impression
How to make them money
What to say during your first phone call
How to make and keep them happy
How to leave a message
The biggest mistakes teams make at this point
How to have more confidence
How to keep in touch with your sponsors
How to handle common objections
What do businesses want to hear